FXBG eBike Tours

FXBG eBike Tours

Subsidiary Company of Olde Towne Carriages, which has successfully provided tours since 2011, serving over 20,000 customers!


FXBG eBike Tours uses the Lectric eBike XP2.0 easy step thru ebikes for daily tours. We have found this particular model to be the perfect fit for our tours.  Thinking about purchasing an Lectric eBike? Come take a demonstration ride with us! To book just call John at 54​0-940-5365 to get it scheduled. 

We can offer some sound advise on the operations of this Model or other Models sold by Lectric.  We will give you instruction and the pros and cons of the use of these bikes. We have the perfect area for you to test the bike on hard top, gravel, grass, hills, sand and dirt trails. 

It will not matter which purchase you are going to make, the XPLite, XP3.0 or the Xpedition. All models will ride very similar to the XP2.0. 

Lectric has just come out with the new XP Trike, which has been designed to carry heavier loads. 

When you are ready to compare all the different models you can check them out on the Lectric website: 

We love to help you out!